February 16 – April 18

Henrik Strömberg, Rings on Top, 2018

On the occasion of the exhibition Vertical Matter at Dorothée Nilsson Gallery, Henrik Strömberg presents a new body of work which merges the use of photography, sculptural volumes and re-evaluated materials.

The co-existence of these various media forms permits the production of different series. Sculptural pieces, photographs and collages are converged into a self sustainable biotope where each component becomes part of the whole.

The extension of Strömberg‘s practice, from the reconfiguration of pre-existing objects to the production of hand blown glass pieces, suggests the idea of a moment fixed: an action materialised from within.

While the photographs depict the ephemeral abstraction of objects and natural elements, the expanding volumes – the core of the sculptures- are shaped and multiplied through the use of glass grid structures and plaster moulds. Linked to the idea of cellular division/mitosis, the various components are kept as witnesses of this process. The matter of the volumes, vertical, and augmented by paper stacks, expands as a layered compost.

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