February 16, 2019 – April 18, 2019

On the occasion of the exhibition Vertical Matter by Henrik Strömberg, Dorothée Nilsson Gallery presents a new body of work conceived by merging the use of photography, sculptural volumes and re-evaluated materials.

The co-existence of the various media permits the production of different series. Sculptural pieces, photographs and collages are converging into a self sustainable biotope where each component becomes part of the whole.

The extension of Strömbergs practice, from the reconfiguration of pre-existing objects to the production of hand blown glass pieces, suggests the idea of a moment fixed: an action materialised from within.

While the photographs are depicting ephemeral abstraction of objects and natural elements, the expanding volumes – the core of the sculptures- are shaped and multiplied through the use of glass grid structures and plaster moulds. Linked to the idea of cellular division/mitosis, the various components are kept as witnesses of the process. The matter of the volumes, vertical, and augmented by paper stacks, expands as a layered compost.

# 5. The compost is: An oracle (a place that speaks or murmurs); the original assemblage; metamorphosis; a passage between the grid and the soil, between the actual and the possible; a temporary refuge.

Extract from THE COMPOST MANIFESTO, 2nd version, Jens Soneryd 2018

Henrik Strömberg, born in 1970 in Sweden, lives and works in Berlin. He studied Fine Arts at Camberwell College of Art (BA), London Institute, as well as Photography and History of Photography (MA) at FAMU, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

His works are represented in international public, as well as private collections.

2016 his monograph Mashti was published by Neumeister Bar-Am.

In 2017 Strömberg Strömberg received the Ann Wolff Grant in 2017. A scholarship given by the Ann Wolff Foundation to promote artists to experiment and produce work using glass as a principal material.